Friday, April 23, 2010

MSSD Kuantan 19-22 April 2010

I am too busy with work plus my camera is longer working (when can i get new one), that i couldnt make any reports on the MSSD Kuantan that was held from monday till thursday. The participants for this year is more (about 500 plus participants in total) compared to last year ( i guess, last year was held in haste). I had few students competing, and when few of them failed to qualify, somehow i felt sad, wish that i could have done more.. now where did I go wrong...

I dont have the results with me, nor did i ever come close to the playing area, (juz watch the game from afar) afraid that i might cause controversy or something.. besides, i am juz there for chess, not to cause any stir.

U-12 G champ and U-12 B champ was undisputed with a perfect 7/7 score. They are Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman and Kuhan Ganesan. The second place in the U-12 B goes to Meor Airil Rahimi Ayib Rosdi.. I was impressed with this 9 years old kid, he played like a 12 years old! It is good that the parents fight with the school to get him to play in MSSD, coz in some certain school here in Kuantan only those ages 10 above are allowed to play for the school. I am not sure why...
Based from few chit chat at the MSSD, not many noticed that Airil is actually 9!

U-15 G and U-15 B champs was predicted. Effah Fazera who was the champ last 2 years before managed to clinch the title from her closed rival Nur Izzati. While Mohd Ameersyah Adhwa won the Boys section with such ease! I met this boy a day before the MSSD took place, and surprisingly he has a lot of potential to offer. I wish i met him when he was in primary school.. but it is never too late, even myself started at a teenage years in chess too!

U-18G and U-18 B section..based on my observation, in this section, there were gaps between those who is actually good in chess and those who is not so good. And it came clearer when in U-18 B all 4 reps from the same school were placed 1-4th! U-18B champ goes to Muhd Khairilhelmi and U-18G champ goes to MRSM schoolgirl!

I wish that i could get the chess notation (scoresheet) of the MSSD Kuantan so that I could make a database and futher study of the standard performances and share it with all the school that interested to improve their students. This is juz my small contribution to chess before one day i finally say farewell..

(Met with Cikgu Robil yesterday, i noticed that he doesnt look so well. He told me that he suffered a stroke attack months back and it paralyse his left side. He is under medication and physiotheraphy. Hope he gets well soon, coz I do know there a lot of teachers out there who is still counting on him)

MSSP is schedule to be held on the 2-6th May 2010 at Sek Keb Brinchang in Cameron Highlands. At this moment the sad news is, there were no budgets to send players there (I overheard this from Cikgu Norinah - PT Kuantan). But i think there are many Kuantan parents will send their kids there.

Unfortunately, for other districts the fate of the players is still unknown, as the recent news that I heard Rompin will definitely not sending players to Cameron! I do wish that this is not true, coz, then the talent of the 8 years old Zulkarnain Safri (whom I see to have potential to go far in chess) will be in vain, last year at the age of 7, when he won the U-12B for Rompin he was denied to play at MSSPahang level becoz many felt that he is too young..

I do hope that something can be done.....