Tuesday, March 29, 2011

SCC Grand Prix Serie B (23/4/2011)

Tournament : SCC Grand Prix Serie B

Date : 23/4/2011

Day : Saturday

Venue : Setia Chess Centre, Jalan Lim Hoe Lek

Fee : Member - RM15, Non member - RM20

**Limited to 40 paid registration**

Lim Chong Memorial

The event was held last sunday. I do wish I could participate, but due to MSSD Kuantan that will be held next week, I am fully occupied with obligation at Setia Chess Centre. If there is any reason at all for me to play, it is all about honouring the dearly departed Mr Lim Chong himself. Since I did not participate last sunday, let me write something here.. When thinking about him, I can still remember his article in the Malay Mail, juz like Idham , we too did the same thing where we have to wait until saturday to buy our copy of Malay Mail. And it is not easy, coz there is only one newstand that sells the copy. We had to go in the morning to buy it, or if we miss the time, then we are left behind with the chess news! I never had any conversation with Mr Lim Chong, coz he seems to be a quiet person. But, I do like his writing on his view in chess (esp on the part where our names was mentioned), including Chess Overboard (esp when he walked down the memory lane on the names like Foong Chee Leng - who accompany me to World Juniors in Guarapuava, Brazil and Pahang once chess prodigy - Rosazman Rosley). To us all, he was never out of ideas when talking about chess. And juz like Idham, because we like chess so much, learning new words from his article doesnt seems to trouble me at all (though I am popular at home of being lazy to browse a dictionary). Not many people knew this, when i was a kid, i had this ambition of becoming a journalist, (but accounts seems to be the right choice at the time, and it pleased my sis). The first time after all these years I had the opportunity to meet him again at the DATCC Chess League last year (where he played for Tan & Tan team). And I did snap his pic during the DATMO 2009 dinner and during Karpov's visit too. For someone who has this passion about chess, and contribute his thoughts on chess, he will be missed by all of us... (wonder what happened to Ismail Ahmad - he co wrote Petak 64 (Utusan Malaysia) together with Mustafa Said, did see him at the NCC 2011, and what happened to Sabar Hashim - who wrote Jaguh (Berita Harian))