Sunday, October 03, 2010

Olympiad Round 10 & Final - Updates

In round 10, Both men and women team drew against their opponent. Our Men drew with Wales and our Ladies drew with Chile. It was a good day indeed.

Then on saturday it was a rest day again.

While today, the final battle is on. Today, our men won against Bahrain. Where Greg, Mok won and Peter drew his game, but I am confuse about the lost of Mas. I dont see anything wrong in the position and yet the result is a lost? Hope someone can clarify this, rather than all of us making assumption of what is going on.

Our girls also won today against Egypt by 2.5-1.5. Nabila and Mi Yen won, while Roslina drew her game. But our best performer so far Alia lost her game today. I am not sure if that will cost her norm. But according to chess-result - if you click at the top "FIDE title unofficial after round 10" it says there clearly that Alia is to be awarded the WIM title. And she is also in the list of WFM and WCM as well. And I saw the name of Fong Mi Yen too in the list of WCM.

Hope Malaysian official there can clarify and confirm the matter, and let home know the good news! As a supporter of Women in Chess, this achievement is something to be proud off!