Saturday, September 04, 2010

DATMO - Round 7 Updates!

It seems like all 6 players in this edition is playing it safe. All 6 are with 5 points each (you can find the names at

IM Mok has climbed back up to be among the best malaysian. He is together with Ronnie Lim are with 4 points from 6 rounds. Other malaysians seems fairly as average as others. Not so outstanding yet (btw, this year DATMO edition is the toughest with many titled and higher rated players).

Juz wish that all the Malaysian players going to Olimpiad this year will use this DATMO as the training ground. And hopefully what is shown here does not reflect the true performance that they will show at the Olimpiad.

Ambank - Updates!

Too bad, Tan Ken Wei lost to filipino Magdalaga Lutfe, thus, making Magdalaga the sole leader with 5.5 points. But Ken Wei and Kant Rupesh (IND) both are trailing behind with 5 points after six rounds!

Tomorrow is a rest day, on monday, Magdalaga will face Kant, while Ken Wei will play against Iwan Setiawan (INA) who is with 4.5 points.

DATMO - Round 6

Pic left : GM Abhijit vs GM Wen Yang on Table 1
Pic right : Ronnie Lim the leading Malaysian Player with 3.5 points on this round, facing IM Swayangsu (IND)

Pic left : IM Vijayalaksmi vs Ian Udani, a filipino that suddenly made an impression here by beating IMs (including Mok)
Pic right : GM Xu Yuhua vs Guo Qi (an impressive performance by this chinese lady) on table 4

The battle between two top women player, both needed this win not juz to gain point but to show who is the best women player. Fong Mi Yen won the National Championship at the time Nur Nabila was away to compete in India.

Ambank - Round 6

It has been a long time to have malaysian taking the lead in the Ambank Challenge category. And Tan Ken Wei has break that record! He is with a perfect score 5 points, and now will play against Magdalaga Lutfe who is half point behind him. All the best Ken Wei!

WFM Nur Najiha won against CM Fadli in previous round

Ambank - Round 5 updates!

While Ken Wei is battling hard in the Queen endgame, I juz heard that CM Fadli Zakaria lost to WFM Nur Najiha!

DATMO - Go Live!

Go the official website for the live games

Also there is a cam screening live at Malaysian Open Blog

ASTRO Simul by GMs on 3/9/2010

Pic left : The GMs that made the simul possible! Thanks guys!
Pic right : Former Women's World Champ - Xu Yuhua giving her opening speech to the kids with the help from a translator

GM Dao Thien Hai - his simul is the last to finish. Probably because he is facing regular players in a local scene.

Pic left : GM Tahir Vakhidov is thinking, "should I offer her a draw". And draw it is! Goh Xin Yen is the only player who gets the draw.
Pic right : GM David Smerdon joins the club too!

Pic left : GM Arun Prasad
Pic right : GM Gerhard Schebler

Pic left : GM Cao Sang
Pic right : GM Abhijeet Gupta

Pic left : GM Dimitry Kayumov
Pic right : GM Saidali (and he seems to be very friendly with the kids too, also goes to few other GMs)

Pic left : GM Das Neelotphal
Pic right : GM RR Laxman

DATMO - Round 2 to 4 games at the Official Site

All 4 rounds are uploaded at the official site. Want to know how Ronnie Lim beat GM Gerhard, check out the round 4 games.

Also, the game between Ian Udani vs IM Mok Tze Meng in round 4.

Friday, September 03, 2010

DATMO - Round 4 Updates!

Table 18 - Ronnie Lim Chuin Hong won against GM Gerhard!!

Table 1 - IM Nguyen van Huy opt for a draw with fellow country man GM Cao Sang. Not so very much interesting game to watch.

DATMO - Round 1 games at the Official Site

Round 1 games is completed, you can click at the official site

You can find how Yeoh Li Tian drew with GM Saidali Iuldachev.

Round 2 is underway as Andrew a.k.a Gilachess with the help of others (including myself and Hadi) is doing the best to get each rounds updated!

DATMO - Round 4 Pic

Pic left : GM Laxman (IND) vs Yu Ruiyuan (CHN) on table 3. From table 1 to table 4 all players with 3 points from 3 rounds
Pic right : GM Abhijeet Gupta (IND) vs IM Gao Rui (CHN) on table 5, next to Gao is GM Zhou Weiqi also from China. From Table 5 to table 11, all players with 2.5 points trailing the leaders.

Malaysian - Tan Khai Boon our current National Champion is facing a hard time at DATMO. With 3 rounds ended he has yet to score a point. In round 4 he is facing young Indonesian - Syaqiq Ghassan. He lost to Emma Guo from Australia in a King vs King + Knight + Bishop endgame.

Ambank - Round 4 Pic

Pic left : Jax Tham on the right is still maintaining his position and yet to meet the top seed.
Pic right : Tan Ken Wei is the only Malaysian with perfect 3 points score

Thursday, September 02, 2010

DATMO - Round 3 Updates!

As at 6.15pm, Table 1 drew.
GM Niaz lost to GM RR Laxman.
GM Schebler lost to FM Nguyen Duc Hoa.
IM Mok drew with GM Arun Prasad.
Rej Tomek drew with GM Xu Yuhua.
IM Jimmy Liew lost to GM Ziaur Rahman (Interesting attacking play by Ziaur).

DATMO - Round 3 Pic

Table 1 - Swayangsu Satyapragyan (IND) that was sick yesterday, seems to be healthy today when he scored 2 points from 2 games to climb to table 1 and meet GM Abhijeet Gupta also from India.

And the game can be seen live at the hall with the usage of 2 DGT Boards. The organiser is trying to display that live online, so that all the fans from all over can feel the excitement as it is here!

Ambank - Round 3 Pic

Pic left : Faizal Andin (MAS) sitting next to regular Ambank - Jax Tham (MAS)
Pic right : the battle on 1st table - Magdalaga Lutfe (PHI) vs Sharma Harish (IND)

Seniors Open - Round 3 Pic

Now it is IM Tan Lian Ann turns to face the Dimitry.

DATMO - Round 2 Updates!

IM Mok won against Li Tian.
GM Niaz showed why he is the first in Bangladesh to become a GM, when he won against GM Ziaur.
Ian Udani juz won against IM Kevin Goh (SIN).

DATMO - Round 2 Pic

Pic left : The battle of who is the best Bangladeshi GM is taking place at table 3.
Pic right :Former Women's World Champ - GM Xu Yuhua is taking part too

Pic left : Yeoh Li Tian vs IM Mok Tze Meng. Both drew in the 1st round.
Pic right : Our ladies in DATMO - Haslindah Ruslan

Pic left : WCM Nur Nabila
Pic right : NWM Fong Mi Yen and NWM Alia Anin

NWM Roslina Marmono

Ambank - Round 2 Pic

Pic left : 1st seed - Sharma Harish (IND) vs our local Syakir Shazmeer Azhar
Pic right : Charles Lucas (MAS) a sabahan is meeting the 2nd seed - Ravi Kumar (IND)

The scenario of Ambank Challenge in round 2

Seniors Open - Round 2 Pic

First seeded in the Seniors Open - GM Dimitry Kayumov (RUS) vs IM Giam Choo Kwee (SIN)

Merdeka Blitz 2010 - The Rival of Father & Son!

Jahongir Vakhidov vs Tahir Vakhidov (0-1)
This was taken during the Merdeka Blitz 2010. And Tahir Vakhidov won the Blitz! The event started after the Merdeka Team closing ceremony.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

DATMO, Ambank Challenge and Seniors Open in chess-result!

More info on the Malaysian Open in chess-result, you can click datmo


gilachess blog


chess-result Datmo
chess-result Seniors Open
chess-result Ambank Challenge

With the results posted in the chess-result, it will make life much easier for all the readers including the players to find out what is going on!

Therefore, I will upload pictures and updates from time to time whenever I am free at Cititel. Last year I was incharge of Ambank Challenge, therefore I know what is going on to update in this blog. Now, I am helping out the chief arbiter En Najib Wahab with the Malaysian Open (DATMO). So, I am only able to update the with the DATMO. But whenever I am available, I try to keep the readers update with the Ambank Challenge! As Ambank Challenge this year is looking very much interesting too, as many foreigners competing to become the winner in this year edition, including the late arrival from Nepal - FM Hamal Manish. Ambank's top seed, Sharma Harish from India rated at 2186!

I'll give you more updates as the tourney progress!

Ambank - Round 1 Result & Round 2 Pairing

DATMO - Round 1 Updates!

All the games has finished except for one table, the game between IM Ashot Nadanian and Aquino Jr. And the time now is 2.32pm.

Good news! Yeoh Li Tian get a draw from GM Saidali Iludachev!

The first round still hasnt finish, we already have one surprise result. Fong Yit San playing on table 37 - got a draw playing against IM Suvrajit Saha (Elo 2383) from India. Other fav went thru to the second round at ease. There are still few tables playing, so I will update you more.

Seniors Open Update!

All the fav in this tourney went thru to the Round 2. No upset in this section. Seeded 1 in this event is GM Dimitri Kayumov from Russia. In the first round he was paired against Dato' Tan Chin Nam.

DATMO, Ambank Challenge and Seniors Open starts today!

I am terribly sorry to the readers that have been waiting for pictures and further result from the concluded Merdeka Rapid Team. I was a bit down after the event ended and wasnt feeling well too (suddenly down with low blood pressure).

I'll juz help Andrew (Gilachess) to post the Ambank Challenge and the Seniors Open, and a bit of the Malaysian Open (DATMO). As usual everything will be from my point of view on what I think at that time.

I will update you more once I get the result from the Chief Arbiter En Najib Wahab, Ms Son Asaya (Arbiter for the Seniors Open) and Ms Irina Kayumova (Arbiter for the Ambank Challenge).

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Winners

FInal Ranking