Wednesday, September 01, 2010

DATMO, Ambank Challenge and Seniors Open in chess-result!

More info on the Malaysian Open in chess-result, you can click datmo


gilachess blog


chess-result Datmo
chess-result Seniors Open
chess-result Ambank Challenge

With the results posted in the chess-result, it will make life much easier for all the readers including the players to find out what is going on!

Therefore, I will upload pictures and updates from time to time whenever I am free at Cititel. Last year I was incharge of Ambank Challenge, therefore I know what is going on to update in this blog. Now, I am helping out the chief arbiter En Najib Wahab with the Malaysian Open (DATMO). So, I am only able to update the with the DATMO. But whenever I am available, I try to keep the readers update with the Ambank Challenge! As Ambank Challenge this year is looking very much interesting too, as many foreigners competing to become the winner in this year edition, including the late arrival from Nepal - FM Hamal Manish. Ambank's top seed, Sharma Harish from India rated at 2186!

I'll give you more updates as the tourney progress!

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