Monday, August 30, 2010

Board List

Here are the top ten contenders for board prizes! There are 3 Boards that have 2 person with the same score!

On Board 1 Dzhurabek (Magic) and Gerhard (International Rhapsody) both with the same score. On Board 2, Nicholas Chan (SMS Gold) and Saidali (Uzbek Connection) are both with the same score. And the same goes to Board 4 Kamaludin Yusof (Mamak the Sequel) in the list with the 100% score, But he is in the list together with Khoo Chang Gee from Penang Dinobot. It is too early to announce the winner yet, we shall see in the remaining 2 rounds to go.

And Lye Lik Zang from Kids For Chess Freedom (U16) also with 100% score for board 3.

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