Saturday, September 04, 2010

ASTRO Simul by GMs on 3/9/2010

Pic left : The GMs that made the simul possible! Thanks guys!
Pic right : Former Women's World Champ - Xu Yuhua giving her opening speech to the kids with the help from a translator

GM Dao Thien Hai - his simul is the last to finish. Probably because he is facing regular players in a local scene.

Pic left : GM Tahir Vakhidov is thinking, "should I offer her a draw". And draw it is! Goh Xin Yen is the only player who gets the draw.
Pic right : GM David Smerdon joins the club too!

Pic left : GM Arun Prasad
Pic right : GM Gerhard Schebler

Pic left : GM Cao Sang
Pic right : GM Abhijeet Gupta

Pic left : GM Dimitry Kayumov
Pic right : GM Saidali (and he seems to be very friendly with the kids too, also goes to few other GMs)

Pic left : GM Das Neelotphal
Pic right : GM RR Laxman

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