Friday, May 21, 2010

Rosazman Mat Rosley

Read an interesting article by former Malay Mail chess columnist - Lim Chong here. Finally someone out there still remember him!

For the readers info, Rosazman came from a place consider a remote area back in the 80s (LKTP Jengka Dua Pahang). It was a surprise to everyone this small boy can match the adults! And yes, Rosazman was the biggest sensation at that time, at the age of 9-10 years he made headlines in Petak 64 chess column winning many tournaments. He always seen with his best buddies at that time, Yusjefri Anwar. He was already a star when I started my chess, but a kid is always a kid, I can still remember his face, and his passion for chess. He got this big dream about chess, and he knew it is impossible to achieve that considering that his fight in chess is all alone without any support.

As far as I know, his parent is not a chess player, he is the only one in the family that play chess. But the most interesting fact that, he first saw the game being played in school and just by a glance he knew the moves. One teacher (I think Cikgu Robil) spotted his talent and stories just moves on from there. He started entering chess competitions in Kuantan and in Kuala Lumpur, because there was support on his chess career back then. But when the support stops, so does his chess.

He kept on continuing playing at MSS level and qualify to every MSSM ever held since he was 9! He still play chess but only for sparring friendly, not competitively anymore. I saw him way back in 1996 in Sukan Antara Kampus where he play for ITM Pahang. Then later on, saw him again in a game in Felda Jengka. The last time I heard he is in Temerloh, working there.

I still think it is a pity to lose a talent like that. To have such a young chess talent in Malaysia, it only comes once in every... hmm.. a decade perhaps? We have next Mas Hafizul.. then years later we have Yeoh Li Tian.. then.. when? Who is next?

Calling Pahang Players to National Closed 2010

It is unfortunate for Pahang not being able to hold any Pahang Closed. Persatuan did make proposals but things are not working out well like what they expected. Last night at 9pm meetings were held among the Persatuan committee member regarding the issue on the matter. And all the members agreed that Persatuan will make full use of the quota given to Persatuan Catur Daerah Kuantan (as we are affiliate to MCF) by MCF.

Take note, Persatuan will only do all the registration for the respective players BUT will NOT cover any expenses along the length of stay and the duration of the said National Closed. For players to represent Pahang, the player must be born in Pahang and/or must be a permanent resident in Pahang (either working, schooling, etc) for more than 6 months. If one who isnt born in Pahang and currently working in other states but can shown proof that he/she together with his/her family is from Pahang, has been living in Pahang for the entire life and was schooling in Pahang, he or she too can be considered and shorlisted.

To be shorlisted, kindly forward a formal application letter to :
En Nordin Mat Yamin
Honorary Secretary
Persatuan Catur Daerah Kuantan
No 16 Lorong Berjaya Permai 8
Taman Berjaya Permai
25150 Kuantan Pahang

To inquire more kindly contact En Nordin at 012-9017143.

Kindly state in the letter the participant name and I/C no, together with FIDE ratings and/or National Ratings (if any), also any past and current achievements in chess tournaments. Closing date will be on the 1st June 2010.

National Closed 2010 will be held on 16th June - 20th June at UKM Bangi. This an annual FIDE rated event to crown the new National Master (NM) and the National Women Master (NWM). Time control will be 90 min + 30 seconds increment from move 1, with a 9 rounds swiss system for play. The NM will receive RM1000 as the champion and NWM will receive RM600.

MSS Pahang Centralised Training 28 May-5 Jun 2010

Just found out about this from a friend that Pahang will definitely have a centralised training for the MSSM squad held on the 28th May - 5 June 2010 at SMK Bera, Triang. While MSSM will take place at Perlis (i heard that it is going to be held at Putra Palace hotel) on the 6th June - 12th June 2010.

The latest news about the total Players going are - all the top 6 from all categories will be going to MSSM! so, all the rumours about only top 4 or top 2 are all false! They will be accompanied by 11 teachers who acted at chess coaches, arbiters for the tournament, chaperon, team manager and technical officer for the Pahang Team.

All the best to the players. If I may give a piece of advise (the same advise I gave to all my students), try to get the 50% score this time. Fight like there is no tomorrow. Play till the last seconds remaining. And, even if you lose the game - never mind, as long as you have gave it all the best you can (losing with dignity).