Friday, May 21, 2010

MSS Pahang Centralised Training 28 May-5 Jun 2010

Just found out about this from a friend that Pahang will definitely have a centralised training for the MSSM squad held on the 28th May - 5 June 2010 at SMK Bera, Triang. While MSSM will take place at Perlis (i heard that it is going to be held at Putra Palace hotel) on the 6th June - 12th June 2010.

The latest news about the total Players going are - all the top 6 from all categories will be going to MSSM! so, all the rumours about only top 4 or top 2 are all false! They will be accompanied by 11 teachers who acted at chess coaches, arbiters for the tournament, chaperon, team manager and technical officer for the Pahang Team.

All the best to the players. If I may give a piece of advise (the same advise I gave to all my students), try to get the 50% score this time. Fight like there is no tomorrow. Play till the last seconds remaining. And, even if you lose the game - never mind, as long as you have gave it all the best you can (losing with dignity).

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