Monday, February 26, 2007

My Students and Chess


Every friday, saturday and sunday is the days where I give chess lessons to my students (I only available for 2 more chess class, then if more class require, my sis, also NWM title holder will be conducting the classes).

During my years as a beginner, when I play chess, I never have any intention on Knight takes Pawn, or Queen takes Pawn, but my students (whom is in the first phase of the game), after being taught not to, they still doing it.... Now it makes me wonder why? Have I not make myself clear to them?

When I teach them about chess, the first thing is, how the pieces move. Then when they fully understood that, I continue with, the rules of castling and en passant... It took me more than 1 hour to teach that. Most of them doesn't know about the en passant thing... and first time I told them about it they were took by surprise.

My chess syllybus is based on the book I wrote. Well, the contents of the book is based on my experiences as a chess player. The years learning chess on my own...

But what puzzle me is that, when I was a beginner, I didn't play like what they play, even though I don't know the rules of chess back then. Or any basic knowledge at all. So, I wonder what is running in their head when they play chess.

Most of my students enjoy my class because I am very patience with them, yeah,. what else can I do.. students nowadays is not exactly the type that can be told what to do too much, or else, the whole world will shake by their tantrum!

For each of my students, the level of teaching is different, but the module and the target is the same, because I need to find ways to reach them. Some who is practically a slow learner, will need a different approach, and some who is brighter will need a different approach too... So, every time when is the next class, I will do research in the net to find a simpler method of teaching to suit them.

But whatever it is, it is always back to basic. That is my conclusion.

When the late Gufeld taught Malaysian team at that time, I was so upset that he taught us about basic chess. Coz I thought I knew about it. Yeah, coz I have been playing chess for years, and have a good score too (I thought!), but he was always insists on learning the basics. When he watch us play, he always urged us to castle as soon as possible, if not.... "taste" his lectures, and ready to "wear" chess pieces as jewelleries on your ears...(hahaha..) I always makes mistakes for not always listening to him (I thought I did... but always ended up losing the game)... Now, when I am the teacher myself, I finally understand why the late Gufeld stress us the basic of chess. Always back to basic to him. And that is what I am teaching my students, back to basic.

Until next time....
Former National Women's Champion

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