Monday, October 29, 2007

Malaysia's Team Performance at Asian Indoor Games

in Round 3, Malaysia lost to Philippines 0-4. That is not what I predicted!

I know deep in my heart that Malaysia will lost to Philipinos.. But not without total lost! Something must be going wrong somewhere?

In Round 4, Malaysia was paired against Nepal, and as we all assume, we won 4-0, that is a result that made us bounce back on track...

In Round 5, Malaysia vs Mongolia. We lost to 1-3. One point was secured by Siti Zulaika where she won against Yanjiv Batzaya. And there she comes to rescue the day!

In Round 6, Pakistan vs Malaysia. We won 2.5-1.5. Mas drew with Gillani Tanveer, Anas lost to veteran Mahmood Lodhi, while the ladies both won their games.

The total score for Malaysia, 6 points from 6 rounds of play and finished 12th placed from 20 teams.

What do you guys think of their performance?

In the meantime, Gold was won by India, Silver by Vietnam, and bronze by Republic of Iran. Where is China? China with 8 points was place fifth.

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