Saturday, October 20, 2007

Newspaper's Clippings

Hairulov effort in compiling Malaysian chess history, makes me going through my family collections of chess newspaper's cuttings. Interesting that i found out so many news about chess, with names that hardly mentioned nowadays. Well, in this part one edition - I'll start will the familiar faces.... here it goes;

here is the newspaper cutting of Mas Hafizulhilmi at a very young age

I saw Mohd Kamal Abdullah mentioned in shoutbox the 24hour tourney, well here it is.

Ooi Chern Ee too made it big in the world junior event

But Mas got no. 5th under - 10 world junior event in 1991 at Warsaw, Poland.

Mas were nominated for the Tunas Harapan MSSM award in the year 1991 representing Kelantan, he however won the title in the year 1992.

This was taken in the year 1990. Where we saw Audrey lifted the NWM title for the first National Closed (W).

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