Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where Art Thou?

I am feeling much better today, thank you. I know that this blog hasn't been updated. My apologies to the fans. For those asking... well here is the stories..

I was sick on monday right after the PCMM Open!.. And I have been sick for more than one week! The last time that I was really sick was when I was a teenager (and that was years ago!). I lost my appetite to eat, and that was the bad news ever! Because I love food and I like to eat and taste so many things.... Thinking about food made me starving already. I thought I was never going to get any better... and I started to feel depressed thinking that I can never play chess again... This was because, I can't think straight.. It took me hours just to do a simple accounting adjustment. I was truly depressed and upset.

Alhamdullillah... I feel better last thursday... and today I feel great! It is sunday.. and finally I get to be me and be lazy on my rest sunday! (heheheh)..

My apologies again to the fans... Now I can write again! Stick around for the latest info in chess!

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