Friday, August 01, 2008

MCF Says NO to Ladies Team For Olimpiad!

I just got sms from Gregory Lau, MCF Secretary which read as follows :

"The MCF council have decided that we will not be sending the Malaysian Ladies Team to the chess Olimpiad this year due to the absence of our two top player Siti Zulaikha and Nur Shazwani coz of exams during the period. The playoff shall then be cancelled. We apologised for any inconvenience due"

This will be the second time Malaysia is not sending the women's team for the Olimpiad since 1988 chess olimpiad. We missed the 1998 Olimpiad in Elista. And we will miss the coming Olimpiad in Dresden, Germany.

Well, this is what I think :
The news was no surprised to me since they have no intention of sending the Ladies team for Olimpiad ever since they found out that those two can't make it.

If MCF announced that Ladies Team will not be sent to Germany due to financial factor, I would say, it is a usual thing that have been haunting MCF.. as always money is a factor for them.

But, here goes the truth, other Malaysian women's players are to no standard in the eyes of MCF council. Let me repharase that : We are no match to those two, no matter what we achieved along the way we are still at the lowest level, EVER!

Hmmm... so, Malaysian women's chess players... think for yourself!

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