Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Malaysian Chess Festival 2008

Our annual Chess Festival which schedule on this August 2008 will be an intersting event to be apart with! Titled players from ranging from GMs, WGMs, IMs, WIMs, FMs and our NMs or NWMs will be taking part. I am sure all will be excited to be get the experience to have a match with these players. I have heard that GM Zhang Zhong with ratings of 2632 will be playing!

The Festivals kicks off this Saturday with Merdeka Rapid Open 2008. This is a team tournament, which comprise of 4 players + 1 reserve and with a time control of 25 min + 10 sec. There will be a 9 rounds swiss system to be played on saturday and sunday (16-17th August 2008). For the last 3 Merdeka Rapid the Philipinos ruled the event. Lets see this year who will lift the challenge trophy! For those who want to catch the event, come and join us at Ballroom Cititel Midvalley Megamall Kuala Lumpur. To know the updates log on to

The next exciting event is the Dato' Arthur Tan Malaysian Open 2008, which schedule on Monday August 18th, till sunday 24th August 2008. I hope more players will come and play in this event and it is good to hear the GMs are playing. Li Chao from China who won last year is expected to take part (he is doing well in the World Junior right now). Our best bet for future Grand Master, IM Mas Hafizul will be doing his best to get his first GM norm. As we all know he was closed to get the norm at Biel last month. He was merely half point short to get the norm.

The next event that most of Blitz player cant wait to play will be the Malaysian Blitz Open 2008. The game will start on 24th August 2008 at noon also in Cititel. Time control will be 3 min + 2 sec.

In between 25th-29th August 2008, there will be a Simul Match with GM Yasser Seirawan of USA (the first time I met him was at Novi Sad, he was quite a nice guy back then).

The last event will be the Merdeka Classical schedule to be on the 30th - 1st Sep 2008 at Kompleks Wilayah Kuala Lumpur. This is a team event with same players as the rapid event but with a 1 hour time control to the finished.

More info visit I think hairulov will also be playing and cover the event too!
I'll try to make it there and updates the fans!

The best of luck to all Malaysian Chess Players!!

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