Monday, December 22, 2008

KL Open 2008 (Part 2)

GM Bong vs one player from Indonesia. Pic on the right the fight for the second placing - Wang Rui with white shirt vs Irwanto

GM Susanto Megaranto vs one Indian Player with the CM title. While pic on the right is Kaisar Jenius Hakiki (on the left) vs our Malaysian - Tan Khai Boon.

GM Mark Paragua having a tough time in this game with a vietnamese. While pic on the right, GM Filipov Anton vs GM Nguyen Ahn Dung with a simple draw secures him the champ of KL Open.

Our NM Edward Lee - not actually what I expected from him in this tourney. Pic on the right is the scene from the back table.

This was take in round 8. The GMs fighting for the top spot!

GM Susanto, trying to hang on to the position vs IM Julio Catalino Sadorra. While the game on the right was between GM Dao Thien Hai and GM Filipov, which ended in a simple draw. Filipov must have calculated that he is the winner of the event, therefore he secures a simple draw from his last two games.

According to Dao Thien Hai (we had a chat after round 8 game), the players have been exhausted (before this they took part in Singapore Open) and therefore they are playing as simple as they can for the remaining rounds and keep their strength for the next tourney in Dubai on the 24th Dec 2008. So, a draw is a simple solution.

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