Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MSSD Kuantan 2009

Since MSSM 2009 start in March..therefore the organising of MSSD Kuantan was like a haste, and I believe the other district also were having the difficulty too. Not many students seen this year compared to last year. One of the school that I asked informed me that they didnt receive letters of MSSD, and therefore no students from the school participated.

Hmm.. what do I say about this.. well.. we are missing a new star that is what it is! we will never know perhaps that school has a star and we failed to get that and make it shine. To be honest if anyone spot my talent early, I will be playing in MSSM in under 12 category! but i have heard of MSSD only in my secondary schooling years!

Though not many participated in the MSSD but the players gave it all out, and the teachers were doing all the best! Kudos to all the teachers - the host SK Mat Kilau, cikgu Saizi. PT Kuantan - Cikgu Norinah, and others that too many to mention in this blog including the teachers that accompany the players to MSSD. (sorry, this mamarazzi forgot to bring her camera that day, as I am too busy with my job had to be in KL for work and could only catch one round of MSSD).

Maybe next year if they can plan better and prepare, as they already know the schedule has already changed this year. And hope next year the play off can be made to decide who actually deserve the spot to represent Kuantan in MSSPahang. Coz, I have seen this year that the matchpoint of the top 5 or top 6 players are the same but due to the tie breaks only top 4 were chosen to represent Kuantan. A bit unfair coz, I have seen that the deserving players with better play can actually make it for MSSM if they get the chance to compete in MSSP. But I am fully understood the reason why the play off cant be done this year. As an organiser myself I know it is a tough job juggling 2 things at one time!

I dont have the list with me, but the players that will play for Kuantan this year in MSSPahang that will be held in Cameron Highlands on Feb 4-7, GOOD LUCK!

All the best guys!!

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