Friday, February 20, 2009

Pictures of Kuantan Team Open

KCC is the tournament leader until round 5 where they meet Setia Chess Kuantan. Setia trashed these local fav 3-0 with NM Kamal leading the pack.
Pic on the right - is the promising youngsters team TEMPO fought hard against the well known veterans - TARIAN UNGGAS lead by Pakcik Shukor from Temerloh. I still remember this team way back in the late 80s where they won in style during the Kuantan Team Closed chess championship back then.

Team PAWN STONE vs MMU - both team put their best players on the board, the tournament regular Abd Khalid Musa against an Iranian player Hamid Reza - MMU student.
Pic on the right - as you can see on left is Pakcik Majid one of Kelab Catur Kuantan's AJK. He used to play under the flag of Polis Hutan (now no longer existed coz no more communist to fight) during the Kuantan Team Closed in the late 80s and early 90s.
Now he is an active trainer for the Sungai Isap community.

3 trio of siblings - the daughters of our AJK, Cikgu Fakri. One of them qualify to MSSM this year.
Pic on the right - is the promising girls, one of them if continously play may become the next National Player.

The scene from the back. These kids played their best through out the rounds, ages ranging as young as 7 years old. These are the next generation of chess in Kuantan.
Pic on the right - on the left is BIZWORLD the first board player is Suwardi Andri Sidek a former Pahang state player, used to play chess in the same time as I am. A very talented player indeed but unfortunately seldom play in outside event. His team was up against SMART, comprising of kids ranging age of 13-14 years old that i bet next year will dominate the U-15 MSSD event.

On the right is UMP player - NM Zarul Shazwan leading the team. NM Zarul fought well to deserve the best board prize with 7/7 and 100 % performance.
Pic on the right - the total 60 teams took part for 1st Kuantan Open Team 2009.

The helpers that voluntarily helping. Thanks so much!

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