Friday, March 27, 2009

Malaysia Book Of Records!

Congratulations to Sarjan Ismail Ahmad! He is now the current holder of Malaysia Book of Records for - THE MOST SIMUL OPPONENTS in the country! playing against 120 players in a grueling hours from 9am until 7.30pm!!!

Wow! wish I could be there.. BUT though i am not present, Kelab Catur Kuantan is proud to be apart of the biggest simul by sending 4 Players there, led by our very own Kelab secretary En Nordin Mat Yamin to Cheras...

A round of applause to all Kuantan Players for bringing home one win and one draw against En Ismail Ahmad! Congratulations to Sharif Zaki all the way from SMK Sungai Soi Kuantan for the victorious win playing until around 6.30pm. Also to Muhammad Qhaider Zulkafli from SM Teknik Kuantan held En Ismail for a draw playing until 5.30pm.

Kudos also to our young Kelab player Muhammad Haris Farhan Mohamed Zubir who actually fought the battle till 5pm! For Kuantan kids, the senario to actually holds such stamina is impressive since that is his first simul ever!

Thanks to En Nordin for the info (well, he fought until the end.. losing the endgame.. hey! not bad.. not bad... for someone who seldom play!) Thanks again for the info!

CONGRATULATIONS to the players and En Ismail Ahmad!

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