Thursday, August 20, 2009

5th Asean Para Games 2009 - The Ceremony

Dato' Sharizat - The Women Affairs Minister came earlier to the event, she later on sign on a chess board as a momento of the Games.

A group photos of the Technical Team and Malaysian Coaches with the Minister. From left seated; Gregory Lau - Techincal (secretary of MCF), Dato' Aminah - Head delegates of Malaysian Chess Team, Dato' Sharizat, and Dato' Zainal Abu Zarin - Organising Chairman, but I bet he must be someone really important) and Ibrahim Bakar (VP of MCF). Standing from left; Duratul Ain - Techincal, Rizal AK - Malaysian Coach, Alina - Technical, Aswan - Chief Arbiter, Mohd Zambri - Tournament Director, Asmah Ahmad - Malaysian Coach, Roslina - Malaysian coach, and Haq - Malaysian coach.

Pic left : Before they reached the Ultimate decision, a thorough discussions and details checklist of the winners were made between the Technical Group of the Games... I can feel the tension is there.. there can be no mistakes this one!
Pic right : And the Duratul Ain a.k.a the MC is ready to announce the medal winners

Pic left : The happy faces of the Coach Asmah and the Gold medallist - Nur Feiqha
Pic right : Smiling all the way till the end.. Coach Hashim Jusoh

Seated from left : Latif Mohamad - Chief Malaysian Chess Coach, Gregory Lau, Malaysian Chef de Mission of the 5th Para Games, and Dato' Aminah.

And here goes the winners ;

Pic left : the bronze medallist from Myanmar - Aye Lwin (to actually get to know the visual impaired players and was once used to taught some of the VI players a thing or two, is quite a touching moments for me, so imagine this guy who is not just unable to see but he is mute too..)
Pic right : NM Choo Min Wang - was once the first ever National Champ back in the 70s. He brought Gold home in Men Individual.

Pic left : The prize giving for Women Individual
Pic right : The Men Team medallist. In the Malaysian squad were included Mah Hassan Omar - the first Blind Lawyer in Malaysia.

Pic left : Women Team winners
Pic right : The Men Individual winner (the full pictures)

Pic left : I dont know why, but Negaraku songs always touches my soul. Especially at the moments where I was there witnessing the historical event... (wonder when it will be my turn to actually stand tall on a podium and sing a long Negaraku songs in the Games as big as this!)
Pic right : The Malaysian Team posing! Congrats to all!

Without these guys, the Games seems impossible to go on! These are the important faces throughout the days the event was held - Good job guys! Job well done! (to all the helpers, volunteers, arbiters, technicals, TD, etc, etc, etc!)

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