Friday, January 15, 2010

A Chess Meeting with Dato' Tan at DATCC - 17/01/10

I received an email from En Hamid regarding the chess meeting this Sunday. It is an effort of a brainstorming session from Dato' Tan Chin Nam - the honorary life Presiden of MCF, in which to me he contribution towards chess in Malaysia in HUGE (to the amount that we are grateful of)!

I am very much interested to attend the meeting, as I too want to share my point of view from the chess in my area - Kuantan, and what kind of support that I can find the from the meeting. I too would like to listen what Dato' Tan have in store for all the chess fans, or any comments, views that the bloggers and the rest of chess enthusiasts wish to put on the table!

But I am torn between going there and the pile of work on my table that i am supposed to finish by this weekend before the meeting with the IT expert from KL to be schedule for the rest of the week beginning next week... Which one comes first? Can I do both - going and completing my job? (sounds very much impossible..)


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