Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MASSIN 2010 - We Won the Classical!!!

He made there. This is Pakcik Shukor Mustapha from Temerloh Pahang. Trying hard the get him the message that he was selected to play in the Mas-Sin Match. He lost the first round to IM Giam, but won the second round with another Singaporean.

This is the game that he won.

(**pic taken from My Chess Diary blog**)

I cant recall when was the last time we won the Mas-Sin Chess Classical... But winning the friendly this year, and it was held here in our own turf, certainly give me something to smile about the whole day.. :-))

The second round ended up with a tie of 19-19 score to both side, but given that we won the first round and added that up, overall we won by 41-35!!

Good job to all the players, officials!!

We have another Rapid games today, hopefully we win again!

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