Friday, May 28, 2010

MASUM 2010 - Updates Round 28/5/2010

UMP ladies in round 3 vs UDM ladies. They could have won by at least 3-1. But somehow, the mistake of illegal move on board 3 was claimed after the clock was press on the opponent side. The arbiter cikgu Suhairi ruled that my girl lost the game. Ok la.. so far the score was 2-1 in favour of UDM. I am waiting patiently for the board 2 to finished the game. And in the time trouble, my girl made an illegal move and so does her opponent. At the timing of 1 seconds to finish, the opponent made the claim. I was there, fighting hard for my girl, coz i knew at her condition she is blurr at that point where the opponent illegally capture her queen. UMP won the illegal move battle. To me it is a fair and square fight, since one battle on illegal move claimed was lost by us.

In the Round 4 of the Men's team - UMP lost to UPSI. I wonder why? as if it seems that they havent play chess before. They got a really "big" lecture from me and Zarul last night, hoping that today they wont make the same mistakes. UMP will be playing against a weaker team from UMK who only gained 1 point so far. I dont mind them losing their games as long as they play the best. But the best is not by losing to a simple trick of checkmate or worst giving piece for free. And the "best" thing is - it is not a 50 marks puzzle!

Today, in round 4 UMP ladies will play against UUM. To get the bronze medal, they have to thrash UUM by at least 3-1. But i think all hope dash coz juz now, when i left the hall and wrote this the ladies were playing badly. The guys looks like they going to win, but the play is so terrible!

The leader of the tournament on the Ladies are : UM with (9.5), second - fourth with 7.5 goes to UDM, UITM, and UIA while UMP with 7 points behind the top 4. UM looks convincing to win the title again this year.

The battle of the title was intensed yesterday when UM (11) was paired against UIA (10), winner of the round will definitely be the champion. And it looks like UM will lift the title again with the remaining 3 rounds to go, they were in a comfortable spot. UM won with 2.5 to 1.5. The battle of the day was between Muhd Syazwan (UM) against Fadzil Nayan (UIA).

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