Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MSS Pahang 2010

MSSP which started on Monday 3/5/2010 was juz ended today (5/5/2010) and it was held at Cameron Highlands. Alhamdullillah, Kuantan squad managed to pull at 24 players for each category that was contested (Kudos to PT Kuantan, Puan Norinah). Here goes the brief result courtesy by sms courtesy from En Asman who was giving support to his daughter.

U-18B :
Champ - Sumant Subramaniam
Second - Muhd Khairilhelmi
Third - Shazmie
Fourth - Liau Zhen Kang
Fifth - Umar Mukhtar
Sixth - Foo Wai Sing

U-18G :
Champ - Nor Syahirah
Second - Anis Nasuha
Third - Grace Kuppa
Fourth - Tan Wen Leng
Fifth - Izzatun Amirah
Sixth - Awnie Azzahra

U-15B :
Champ - M. Hafiz Aiman
Second - M. Ameersyah Adhwa
Third - Chai Sze Quan
Fourth - Tay Shan Wei
Fifth - Amirul Azwan
Sixth - A.Aiman

U-15G :
CHamp - Sarika Subramaniam
Second - Effah Fazera
Third - Nur Aina Syamimi
Fourth - Sayidatul Aisyah
Fifth - Nurul Izzati
Sixth - Ho Ying Rou

U-12B :
Champ - Shreyes Subramaniam
Second - Mannajah
Third - M. Alamin
Fourth - Zaib Hamizi
Fifth - Muhd Naim
Sixth - Kuhan Ganesan

U-12G :
Champ - Nurjannah
Second - Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman
Third - Amira
Fourth - Nur Athirah
Fifth - S.Kausal
Sixth - Nurul Ain

I have heard from one of the parent, this year MSSM only top 4 will be chosen to represent Pahang. I wonder why not top 6 like last year? or has the format change? Hope someone can clarify this matter.

Congrats to the winner! Hope you guys are the hope to make Pahang proud!

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