Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Announcement! - Setia Chess Centre (SCC)

Announcement :

SCC will be closing from 27th August until 17th of September 2010. SCC will open beginning on 18th September onwards. Chess classes will be as usual from the day onwards.

Opening Hours of SCC :
Monday - Friday : 6pm to 10pm
Saturday - Sunday : 10am to 6pm (will be extended to 12am upon request)
Public holidays : 10am to 6pm (will be extended to 12am upon request)

Entry fee (except for students of SCC Chess Classes and chess tournaments participants at SCC) is RM 5 per entry (with access to all facilities provided at the centre; chess sets + vinyl boards, chess clocks, chess books and free advise on chess from the experts). With as low as RM 5 visitors can organise their own chess sparring and mini tournament among them!

**entry fee is charged merely to cover the rental and utilities expenses, therefore, the fee will be charged if the visits is more than 1 hour, kindly bear in mind that SCC is a non profit centre, we are operating more on the interest of chess and for the interested chess fans**

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