Monday, January 17, 2011

Pictures From Liga Kuantan

In the pic is Khairunnisa (Setia Chess) up against Zainal Omar (KCC). Next to her is Asman (Fendy & Da Gang), next to Asman is Khalid Musa also from Fendy & Da Gang.
The scene of round 4 Liga Kuantan
Team Vampire (the veterans) vs Nameless
The game on! between KCC and Setia. In the pic - Hamidi (black) vs Kamal Arifin (white), besides Kamal is Khair against Ali (hidden in this pic). And besides Hamidi is Sulaiman or better known as Jono by the locals.
The siblings of Setia Chess
Third table - Three Star (Izzat Muhaimin) vs Segan Silu (Shazmie). Besides Shazmie is Khairilhelmi who is up against Ameersyah Adhwa.
Effendy (Fendy & Da Gang) vs Ng Zheng Ann (SMART) the deciding match! Besides Fendy is Razman, and next to him in the pic is Asman Amin.
Table 5 - Young & Dangerous team (in the pic is Idham Zaharudie) vs Innocent Pawn. In Board 1 Innocent Pawn as you can see in the pic is the siblings Meor Adib and Meor Airil.
Aina Syamimi (Young & Dangerous) vs Adam Julian (Innocent Pawn), Kuhan (Young & Dangerous) vs Hazid Ekquan (Innocent Pawn), Idham vs Meor Airil. Meor Airil is the sole winner for his team in this round.

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