Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kuantan Grand Prix Serie A (26/2/2011)

I have been trying to squeez the Kuantan Grand Prix into 1 day event, and I have consult many chess friend, hoping that it is possible to hold a one day event. This the first time that SCC will organised the event with the time control of 20 min + 10 sec. I do hope that it turns out well.. But if incase it doesnt please reserve one more day (sunday) for the event to finish. But i will make a top priority that the event shall start on time as schedule! (So players, please be punctual!)

It is a 6 rounds swiss system, and limited to 40 paid registration only (therefore register early!).

There are going to be 5 series of this Grand Prix. And this is the first leg. Second leg will be on April. Take note : the top 5 winners of each leg are not allowed to participate in the other leg, but the winners are ensure of a free entry to the Grand Finale and eligible to compete for the grand prize (which will be reveal later.. hahaha.. let us surprise you all, trust me, it is worth it!).
So ladies and gentlemen! what are you waiting for? Register now!

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