Monday, August 29, 2011

Malaysia Chess Festival Finally Ended...

Above was the last pic before I bid farewell and left to Kuantan yesterday. I have been involved in Malaysian Chess Festival since 2006 as a player in Merdeka Team, 2007 also as a player in National Closed held concurrently with DATMO and also playing in Merdeka Team. In 2008 playing in DATMO and Merdeka Team. In 2009 involved as the arbiter for Ambank Challenge and play in Merdeka Team. In 2010 involved totally as an arbiter in DATMO, Merdeka Team, Blitz, Rapid Individual, Swensen Age Group, and Simul matches. And this year in 2011 I held the same post as last year and involved with a bigger role and solved some interesting chess queries by the players.

Same as last year I learned a lot from the experience - En Najib and En Hamid not just regarding the swiss manager, but the arbitrating aspect as well ( I really appreciate the knowledge! thank you very much). It was fun, when I started to questioned things based on my logic and chief would always answer back in technical perspective. But still, I dare not make a major decision yet though my judgement is the same as the chief and en Hamid. Perhaps with more higher level of difficulty of tourneys that i would get myself involved in maybe then the courage will spur on its own.

But beneath the above interesting things during the Malaysian Chess Festival, lies a deep cut that I hope I would forget soon. I have been planning to play in Merdeka Team and formed a team with a friend who resides in Australia. For 2 years we have been planning this, and this year she finally managed to get back home in time for Merdeka Team. So we decided to do some trainings and gather others to join in. I said to myself, finally I have a team, and finally I wont feel left out like last year Merdeka. But unfortunately I am not allowed to play. It is sad. As raining kept pouring Midvalley thru out the tournaments that is how I feel. I tried to gather myself and pull whatever that is left of me to make the event a successful. And I try to make myself happy by joining the girls and strategizing on how to accomplish our goal to win the Best Ladies Team. And it works!! Isnt that great! But I still feel left out because I wasnt playing in the team like I should have...So I dont know.. I will think about Merdeka again when the scar is healed. But right now, it is too painful to even talk about it..

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