Saturday, August 20, 2011

Malaysian Chess Festival 2011

I forgot to bring the charger (who wouldnt, since i am borrowing my sister's camera), so I cant take as many pic as I usually take every year. But i am trying to update pictures using my handphone. It is kinda slow compared to using laptop to do the posting but at least it will keep the readers updated.

To follow the news on the DATMO 2011, Ambank 2011 and Seniors Open 2011 you can also follow this link:

Official Site
Gilachess blog by Andrew
Biro Wanita updated by Haslindah
Results are updated at chess-results

From the official site there's a link to to the DATMO blog where you can read a lot interesting stories and games, and also from the official site you can download games from DATMO. And its FREE!!

Tomorrow is a free day for the players but not for us as arbiters and helpers, we will be busy welcoming about 400 kids tomorrow Merdeka Age Group! awsome turnouts right? hahaha i bet all of us will have headache tomorrow to control all the kids esp the young ones..

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