Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SCC Under 10 (25/3/2012 - Sunday)

I know its kind of like last minute, but the plans has been made this year to have one event at the centre once a month. Since I dont have any dates to fit in for April, we decided to have our U-10 event this Sunday, since next Sunday i will be busy with UIA Open.

As usual SCC can only accommodate limited participants for the event, but this time i will only accept only 40 paid registration! (or maybe less than that) because i want to give more rooms for parents, and/or guardians to be there at the centre.

The only reason why i want U-10 event because i am looking for new talents around Kuantan. And to give them training would require support from all around, SCC - as trainer, students, teacher and parents.

For those interested kindly call 019-9699879 (Khairunnisa').

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