Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome Back!

If you are chess players playing in the era of 80s and early 90s you must have heard his name - Roazman Mat Rosley. He was the chess prodigy who hails from a small area back then called Jengka 2 Pahang. Everybody then knew the story how he came across chess by accident. And back then too, everybody acknowledge his talent. He wasn't borne with luxury and during that time sponsors was hard to find to ensure his progress in Chess. And by the way, he started chess before us! I came to know him later in 1988 when we were together in MSSM Pahang team. After i left school and MSSM we lost contact.

I havent seen him in ages! and he suddenly sms me asking to play in the SCC Serie E. After he banked-in the money he sms to me his name and who would have thought that one coming! It was a pleasant surprised to finally hear from him. Currently he is married with kids and settling down in Temerloh Pahang.

I could have announced his presence to all the players at the centre but, lets see how our Juniors fair against him, against a nobody (at least that is what comes to their mind at the time) And his results no. 6th overall with only one lost to Sulaiman Johari, gave signs that the skill is there, rusty but he still got it! He juz missed one move that cause him the game and the chance to be in the FINALE.

It is good to see you in action again, do come and play chess again, there's always room for you at our chess centre, Man!

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