Sunday, December 23, 2012

2nd Kuantan Grand Finale Is Underway

Finally the Grand Finale for 2012 is on after 5 SCC Grand Prix series ended. I have been in hectic schedule, and unfortunately I can't participate this year. I am so eager to play, but organising the event takes priority than playing in it.

We are so blessed to have the players participating with ratings and experiences that could give our juniors the lifetime games ever! and that was our purpose anyway, to have the FINALE for our juniors to excel in future events.

You can check the games on board 1 and 2 live from the internet at and for full results as usual click to

En Najib is the Chief Arbiter for the event, you can check his site for updates as well at

Will update you more once i have settled few things regarding the FINALE (huhu..)

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