Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pictures of Malaysian Blitz 2007

WIM Siti Zulaika vs GM Zhang Zhong

IM Mas was on board 2 in the preliminary rounds

Look at all the participants

GM Utut Adianto - the winner... can't get a shot at his face

I was at the Cititel Midvalley, while waiting for the closing ceremony to start, I take a peek at the Blitz. Many titled players taking part in the event.
I was amazed seeing all the top board players playing a 3 min + 2 sec game, like they are playing a rapid game. While time was seconds to finish they can still think! and make a good move too!
Some are still playing positionally, and battle patiently. It was nice too, to see them bullying others by intimidating them, since it is a blitz event, noise are allowed.
But overall, it was a good performance too by some malaysian even they can't make it thru to the next knock out round... Bravo!!
Hope I can join the pack next year!!

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