Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DATMO 2007 WInner

And we have this year winner! DATMO 2007 was held at Cititel Midvalley KL from 20th - 26th August 2007. This is the fourth year it was held. Without GMs from Philippines playing, the tournament never lost its strength to attract others. This time the forces came from China, with players like Li Chao, Li Ruofan, Zhao Weiqi, etc, seems to have planned the event to go their way. Last year winner, GM Dao Thein Hai, can't even hold the title this year nor even his fellow countrymen. Overall, this tournament manage to produce lots of excitement for all players and spectators, from beginning till the end. One can never guess who will be the winner until the end of the round. Hoping that the tournament will go on next year, we also hope for Malaysian to shine thru next year. (And having myself participating... hehehe)

3rd place - GM Ziaur Rahman

GM Zhao Weiqi - 2nd Place

And he is the Champion - Li Chao from China

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