Monday, September 03, 2007

Merdeka Standard Chess Reunion

Md Hairi Md Hussin

Mas Ayu Mahmood

Me and Hairi

Merdeka has always been a place of a reunion for all chess players. Faces that you haven't seen in years, always suddenly appear in Merdeka event. Players that used to play chess actively during my years, also shown their faces in annual Merdeka event...
The likes of Mohd Kamal Abdullah, Ooi Chern Ee... etc

I also saw, Mas Ayu Mahmood! Well she looks the same that's why I could recognise her... The last time I saw her was during National Closed 1990, at IYC KL... Imagine that! Nice to see you again, Kak! (and I still had the 1990 pictures)

My former team mate whom the last time I saw him was like years ago, Hairi. We are from the same ITM Arau Perlis. We met during an allegro chess in Perlis in 1995. Then we are in the same chess team for INTEKMA chess in 1995. Now, he is currently working in UUM as a lecturer, and residing in Perlis. It was a pleasant reunion for both of us!

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