Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Malaysian Blitz 2008

Before the closing ceremony, as usual, annually we will have the Malaysian Blitz Open. The time control of the event is 3 mins + 2 secs increment. Many players registered for the event. Not juz the DATMO and Ambank participants but other interested Malaysian also take part. Azhar's family, Irman Ibrahim.. and etc!

All players will be playing for all 9 rounds swiss system. Top 16 will receives prizes, but top 8 will compete for knock out rounds (quarter finals, Semi and Final round)

This is me taking part too... It was fun and interesting way to test your skill..

The final between GM Zhang Zhong vs GM Saidali lyuldachev. The final game was conducted after the closing and dinner held at Cititel Ballroom.. Saidali beat Zhang Zhong 2-0 straight. I think the factor of having the game delayed does affect the players' game..

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