Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Merdeka Standard 2008

The outside of the tournament hall..
Pic on the right : the juniors section

The Open section..
Pic on right : Pelikan team in the pic - Kamaludin yusof vs Astro team - Siti Zulaika (this was Siti's second tourney in the year after Merdeka Rapid, due to her studies)

The ladies in action too. Pic above is Roslina and Nurshazwani. Roslina's playing for ex-MMU and Shazwani for Selangor's (her team won best state and second runner up after Apocalypse Manila.

Mohd Irman playing for his company (I think), Pic on the right : is Hairulov.. I saw him at the playing hall and take photos of him, then I am off to Cititel Express to see the GM event there. To my surprise he was there too... A very active paparazzi indeed, off to Cititel express like a bullet after his game!

Jimmy Liew, Mohd Kamal Abdullah abdullah, Yeoh Chin Seng..
On the right : Selangor team vs Sarawak's Team. Selangor led by Ian Udani, Zarul Shazwan, Abdullah Che Hassan, Fariz and Shazwani (reserve)

Pelikan team : Nicholas Chan, Marcus Chan, Kamaludin Yusof, and Leong Mun Wan against Astro Team : Mok Tze Meng, Ooi Chern Ee, Siti Zulaika, Edward Lee and Ismail Ahmad (reserve). Pelikan was leading in the early rounds.

The last series of Malaysian Chess Festival 2008 is Merdeka Standard that was held at Kompleks Wilayah Kuala Lumpur on the 30th and 31st August 2008. This is the second I am not playing, but however I am in KL for the paparazzi news, esp to all the fans!

Though 1st sept is the first Ramadhan (fasting month for all muslims), the turn out for Merdeka Standard was overwhelm like last year.. Thanks to the organiser that eventually reduce the rounds and concluded the game in two days instead of three to give way to outsiders to have their ramadhan at home!
I was surprise to see the one and only Phillippines team stayed in Malaysia a bit longer for Merdeka Standard after the DATMO. The team - Apocalypse Manila who was fifth in Merdeka Rapid, obviously wants to the crown on this one! They only suffered a terrible loss to Pelikan team in round 4, but came out the best they could to close the gap from tournament leader - Selangor. Before the last round Selangor was leading with one point.

Both team met in the last round, Selangor only need a narrow win to walk away with the title, but fate decide that Filipinos won the game with 2.5 to 1.5. Though the total score was the same between both teams, but the champion belongs to Apocalypse Manila after all.

Anyway congrats to all Teams participating.. This is the last event that will be held in Kompleks Wilayah. After this, MCF will have a new office at OCM, so, the tourney hall will be in the OCM building too. Hope it will be better looking and with better facilities to all players.
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