Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pictures taken during Simul in KL

Pic on left : Qhaider and Sharif with the Ismail Ahmad
Pic on right : the players battling it all out

Pic left :Sharif taking his reward for winning the simul game
Pic right : Ismail Ahmad is working out a victory here

Pic left : Qhaider and his trainer En Nordin (he is also the trainer for Sharif) with the green shirt
Pic right : Sharif smiles away for the time of his life

Pic left : as you can see in the pic, Fariz Shafruddin is giving support for the simul by taking part too
Pic right : the scene of 10 hours grueling battle of the history in the making!

(**pictures courtesy of En Nordin Mat Yamin.. Thanks Sir!)

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