Friday, April 03, 2009

Kuantan Juniors In April 2009 National Rating List

In the last Jan 2009 national rating list, there were not many Kuantan Juniors in the list, but after the MSSM 2009, they have their own National Rating list, which give an impact of the measurement of their strength in the national level!

Congratulations to all Kuantan Junior players that make it to the National Rating List :
Name and National Rating
1. Alif Hidayatullah Md Kail - 1230
2. Nurul Shuhada Roslan - 1231
3. Nurhasya Mohd Fakri - 1078
4. Mohd Ameersyah Adhwa - 1185
5. Anis Nasuha Mohd Fekry - 1180
6. Mohd Sobirin Md Subadi - 1161
7. Muhd Syahirul Anuar Razali - 1234

One girl from the Kuantan MSSM Team who had a National Rating before is :
Umairah Natasya Mohd Omeershffudin, with 1205 in Jan 2009, but suffered a drop of 78 points from the MSSM results which makes her now in April 2009 list at 1127 ratings.

Another Kuantan Junior that played in CAS Event last year, with no National Rated tourney this year (yet) maintain his rating at 1292 (from jan 2009 and april 2009 list), is Sharif Mohd Zaki.

A kudos to two players that participate in Kuantan tourney this year and last for their first National Ratings :
1. Nur Saffa Syamimi Semaon - 1310
2. Nur Hakim Sakari - 1179


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