Monday, April 27, 2009

Pairing Round 2 of DATCC Chess League

Here is the latest info that I received regarding the Second Round Pairing of DATCC Chess League

Table 1 : GOLD IS Bhd vs PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Table 2 : Tan & Tan vs 786 Chess Club
Table 3 : SMS Gold vs SPAWN 2009
Table 4 : DAT Chess Centre vs MBS KL
Table 5 : Nusa Mahkota Chess Club vs PCWM Terang Bersih

My personal thoughts :

It will be an interesting Match since IM Lim Yee Weng is rumour to be playing, so GOLD IS will field strongest line up! But I also heard IM Mas may not be playing in the second round. The upset that Hazril Husin made against Kamaludin Yusof will make his next game against IM Jimmy or Abdullah Che Hassan is a moment to watch!

Cant wait to find out who will play as board 3 & 4 of the Tan & Tan team, coz, rumours is said that 786 will field up players that were absent last wednesday.

The battle for table 3 is a match of friends! If SMS Gold wants a decisive match the strongest line up of FM Ooi and FM Mok will be of certain!

I have no comment of DATCC and MBS KL, but I think DATCC will win this one!

PCWM still have not yet decided who shall play against Nusa Mahkota. My bet will be Hairul will play in the second round! If I am next in the ladies line maybe I shall play against Hairul - battle of bloggers! (hehehe)

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