Friday, June 19, 2009

June Tourney and August Tourney?

I did mention in my previous post about July tourney, do we have June tourney? Of course!!! (Hab Rapid la katakan.. hehehe)

Taken from SIFU.mycatur blog :
KL Braille will be having a Blind Open 2009 this 20 and 21 June 2009 at Dewqan Jati Minda, KL Braille Centre, Jalan Gombak Kuala Lumpur. 15 blind participants including from Singapore wll be taking part in a 6 Round Swiss 60 minutes time control. I wonder when KL Braille will organised the Open like last year, where we with eyesight need to wear eye pad and cover our vision to play against the Blind players.. It is not easy, FM Mok too, struggle to play in the competition especially when he was up against Mah Hassan Omar (the first Blind advocates in Malaysia).


This is interesting! in my teenage years during MSSM this is our favourite pass time! I always had in mind to organise such event, but you dont have to wait for me, Coz it will be on this saturday 20 June 2009 at KL Braille Centre. Registration opens to pairs and only ten pairs accepted as this is a first tournament. Sounds interesting eh!

On the same date, 21st June, we have another event held at Perak called Clearwater Sanctuary International Open, at the Clearwater Sanctuary Resort.

No annoucement has been made for any tourney on 28th June, if any, I dont think I am going, I got my half year annually stock take.. (as usual!) But, no worries, the chess fever is on again the following week. And this time it will be at Dungun, Terengganu on 5th July 2009. Furhter info contact Cikgu Sabirin 013-9333393. Dungun is not that far from Kuantan, so, I guess many players from Kuantan can take part.

Temerloh has announced its annual event Temerloh Open 2009. They booked the date on 1 & 2 Ogos 2009. And this has been announced in Chess-Malaysia yahoo group. Details please contact Fazli Zulkarnain 0199299767 or zakaria 0139283346. This is limit to 100 participants only.

I'm just wondering... hmmm.. who is the best rapid player in Malaysia? We used to have Allegro tourney back in the 80s and 90s where it was sponsored by MAA back then! then by Bank Pertanian Malaysia. The champ of each leg or perhaps the top ten of each leg (cant really remember) will be invited to play in the Grand Prix Final at Kuala Lumpur. The champ will be known as the best rapid player, coz he won against the other champ! If it were to be held again today, it would be interesting to watch Zarul Shazwan, Abdullah Che Hassan, Nicholas Chan, Edward Lee, Evan Timothy or Mok Tze Meng to compete who will be crowned MALAYSIA NO 1 RAPID MASTER! (hehehe)

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