Monday, June 15, 2009

More from Hue, Vietnam - Closing!

Pic left : the players during the closing. Standing from left - Pn Haslindah, NM Edward Lee, Jerome Yong, NJM Tariq Amru, Nabila and Najiha. Sitting from left - Pn Zurin (Camilia's mother), Camilia and En Azman Hisham.
Pic right : The Medal Tally for a closer view

Pic left : Najiha in the presentation awards for Rapid Girls U-10. She won the gold medal! if anyone wondering why all three standing at the same spot, coz all three were tied at first place!
Pic right : Nabila standing tall at the podium as the Gold medallist for Girls U-12 Blitz Event!

Pic left : Najiha during the presentation of Standard Girls U-10!
Pic right : The girls with the medals they won with team manager Pn Haslindah!

This letter of certification confirmed that Nur Najiha Azman Hisham is the WFM, and her sister Nur Nabila is the WCM!

Malaysians end their campaign at the 10th ASEAN Age Group at Hue city of Vietnam with GOLDS in Standard Chess - Nur Najiha in the Girls U-10, Rapid Chess - Nur Najiha in Girls U-12, and Blitz Chess - Nur Nabila in Girls U-12

We took home, SILVER from Nur Nabila in Standard Chess for Girls U-12 event. But the girls won 3 bronzes in the standard chess, rapid chess and blitz chess as a team score for Girls U-12!

Based on their performances, shouldnt the girls deserved some celebration back home? I asked MCF secretary, Mr Gregory Lau, he said - arrangements has been made with TV3 to welcome the players at the airport soonest they arrived from Vietnam on 16th June! A dinner will also be held sponsor by our future woman's chess president to honour the Girls achievement!

If anyone says that, they dont deserve such big news like this, or some people said that they are only playing in a "weaker" group.. Come on guys stop the nonsense! The girls played at their best during their age group! Playing against opponents who are considered the best in the ASEAN region in their own age group! not anyone can pull it through, nor can just any average person really take the opportunity given to grab the titles offered!

At the times from generation to generation female gender as always been the issues and left out in any major chess competition because we are being told that we are weaker than the Male. The truth is that, though we are not as strong as the Male, but our results in our own category has always been impressive compared to our Male players!

At the times, where most ladies during National Closed event heard the announcement that no ladies selection will be held, and the selected players to play at Malaysian Masters event were only taken from the Open section with attractive prize money given, the announcement also be made that sponsors for next year Olimpiad in Siberia are only for the Mens' Team! (WHAT??)

The victory in Vietnam, and the publicity, is the advantage that will be used by us to gain sponsors for next year Olimpiad in Siberia for the ladies' team! We missed last year Olimpiad in Dresden, so, hopefully (really hopefully!) we can send the potential juniors for the event

Good job girls!

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