Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chess In SEA games 2011

Chess is in the SEA games again!!!! great huh?!

Chess was one of the sports contended in Sea games held at Singapore,Vietnam, Philippines until Thailand list it out from the games, and Laos too this year.. but Indonesia in 2011 wants the game in! why wont them, Indonesia had the potential in the golds contended with her strong GM Susanto Megaranto and WGM Irene Sukandar. Other countries are please with the news and I bet preparations will be held in the countries to select the best players to represent the countries... In Sea games chess history, the best Malaysia could have are Bronze medal from Siti Zulaikha and from the Malaysian Team.

Which lead me to the question, who shall it be for Malaysia? I hope the selection of the players will be done in full integrity and the players picked are the best in its field. The categories that most definitely will be in are the Classical Chess, Rapid Chess and Blitz. I knew some players are good in Classical but not necessarily good in Blitz, so I do hope players were chosen wisely.

Chess will also be contended in Asian Games in Guangzhao 2010 too! the first in Doha Qatar 2006, we didnt send any players, juz hope next year the sports comittee will say it otherwise! With the coming of a new national chess coach in Malaysia, hope that investment will produce future champion in chess!

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