Thursday, December 24, 2009

National Junior Chess Championship 2009

The National Junior Chess Championship and the National Junior (W) Chess Championship 2009 (the event that held annually beginning 2008), has ended last Sunday with this year title goes to NJM Yeap Eng Chiam from Kuala Lumpur the newly crowned NJWM is Nur Najiha Azman Hisham.

I was there last Sunday, juz to get out of hectic working schedule and take a break (those who saw me with the pimples on my face severely would understand how stressful I am lately), where would be best for me to take a break, even if it juz for one day (phew!)

There was a tie for the champion title in the open section between Yeap, Sumant, Evan and Justin. But the play-offs that held afterward (I heard it was a rapid event) decides that Yeap is the title holder!. And it looks like NM Evan who was in May won the NM title because of the play-offs wasnt lucky enough to get the NJM title in the same year (or else history is created!).

In the Girls section, WFM Nur Najiha takes the challenge trophy home and it has stayed in the family ground for 2 consecutive years now! the first time the championship was held last year, the winner goes to her elder sister WCM Nur Nabila. It sure does makes my second cousin Kak Zaza (her mom) proud! (I can tell from the looks in her face when Najiha together with Amira Syamina and Latifah Kaiyisah were in the same points after the last round, waiting for the results from the arbiter either it is a confirm that Najiha won becoz she won against those two or it is a play-offs like the open section).

More news on this you can visit Gilocatur at here. He was there supporting his children playing.

The four kids from Kuantan manage to get a good score too (at least from my point of view). Kuhan and Khirranya Ganesan - both got 3 points from 9 rounds. That is the minimum score that I told them to get (at least). This is their first tournament in a major event like this, all feelings are there, but overall they were all excited to continue their journey in tomorrow's Jax Tham rapid event and next year National Age Group 2009! Another 2 kids Muhd Firdaus Afiq Asman (5 points) and Nur Sabrina Aliya Asman (4.5 points). Sabrina create a lot of stir on her opponents when she drew her first round against Camilia Johari (National Junior Squad) and when she won against the Perakian Nur Munirah Mat Rahim (if I am not mistaken she was the MSSM U-18 champ).

Congratulations to all of them! I thank their parents for taking them to the tournament, and hope others make take the same step too, and may the hopes of the next National Player will hail from Kuantan soon! (insyaAllah)

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