Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Regarding chess tournament in Kuantan

From the shoutbox and sms that I received, I know the chess fans in Kuantan is craving for at least one tourney at this year end. I wish the same thing too. But things are out of my hands. I can do the paperworks, the submission to find sponsors but to finally get someone to finance a chess events is totally frustrating. However, few local chess friends did have a small league here in Kuantan (I wasnt the organiser nor the player), I was there witnessing the event and renting our chess sets for the mini tourney.

I thought that the tourney juz ended there, but who knows those few friends that organise and sponsor the mini tournament decided to have another event! Currently they are working to get the major sponsors. To me, it doesnt matter whether the tourney is organise by Kelab Catur Kuantan or Persatuan Catur Kuantan or any interested individual as long as there is tourney in Kuantan and it follows FIDE rules and regulations!

As I mentioned so many times, I am quite busy in my working schedule, not juz me infact most of our AJK at Persatuan Catur Kuantan as well as AJK at Kelab Catur Kuantan are often occupied with works. Therefore we need volunteers from anyone out there to join the Kelab or Persatuan and become the AJK. Your ideas and effort can help expand the Kelab's and Persatuan's activities!

When everyone is counting on me alone, I feel sad and frustrated when I cant deliver. To not having any chess tourney this year also makes me feel terrible. And I wish I could have done more.... My sincere apology regarding this matter...

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