Thursday, February 25, 2010

Malaysian Women Master (MWM) 2010 - Starts Tomorrow!

The Malaysian Women Master will starts tomorrow 26th Feb with a knock out round 1 of 16 at DATCC Kompleks Wilayah at 9am. The quarter finals on the 27th Feb, Semis on the 28th while the final will schedule on 1st March 2010. The players were selected based on the criteria mentioned by MCF as per here

There were controversy on the selected players as mentioned here and here I am not to give any comments about whether the selection is made out correct, right, accurate or what so ever, or whether the players selected are worth the strength to fit into the 16, but in my opinion whoever got selected, just play your best and show to the rest of the Malaysians that you deserve the spot in the 1st MWM 2010!

Here are the first pairing of the MWM 2010 : Round 1

Nurul Huda W - Latifah Syamimi
Fong Mi Yen - Winnie Hong
Khairunnisa' W - Latifah Kaiyisah
Alia Anin - Renitha Narayanan
Tan Li Ting - Fairuz Hamizah
Nur Nabila - Nur Najihah
Haslindah Ruslan - Fadzilah W
Amira Syamina - Hoh Tjin Li

It looks like the first round are battle between sisters! My sis and I will paired against the sis, Syamimi and Kaiyisah, while Nur Nabila and Nur Najiha will play each other in the first round.
Check out bloggers like Hairulov or GilaChess for the coverage of the event! And one more thing, wish me and my sis the best of luck!

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