Sunday, February 28, 2010

MWM 2010 - Semi Final Game 1 Updates!

The game 1 of the semis has ended at 2.30pm. Game 2 will start at 3.30pm as agreed by all 4 players.

The battle between Nurul Huda W and Nur Nabila gives the favour to Nurul Huda. She won with a very interesting tactical play when Nabila made a blunder by taking Nurul's pawn on f5. You can see the analysis at

While Alia vs Fong Mi Yen is also another interesting story, where both still in process in the middle-game, and Alia is in the time trouble. I think Fong Mi Yen, thinks that she could won on time considering Alia only got few minutes left, and overlook the position thus giving Alia a one piece advantage. And eventually Alia won the first game.

The next game will be an interesting game to watch coz, both the losers in game 1 will surely give all out to win the game, and force the rapid 2 games. So, we shall see...

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