Monday, March 01, 2010

MWM 2010 - My View On This

I got back to Kuantan at around 1.45am, and get myself to sleep at around 3.30am. Woke up in the morning then go to work, coz my boss told me we have meetings today.. and he ended up EL instead! (hmmm..)

I have been thinking about the Malaysian Women Master 2010, before this I dont want to say much coz, the format is still new and besides who am I to make such comments..

In the 2nd edition of the MWM (this event is going to be held annually), I am hoping that MCF would consider to have this knock out format by giving the players a rest day in the following day. To still keep the format of 2 classical games, ok la.. fine! but if the game goes to tie-break, make the rapid games in the next day. If the lucky player no need to play rapid game, then that player will have the rest day for the day. At least for a player 30+ years old like me, one day rest is important.. I am too old to catch up on marathon play!

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