Sunday, May 30, 2010

MASUM 2010 - Final Report From USIM

Today is the last of masum 2010. Both UMP team were ranked 5th in overall standing. Though no medals for them (again), but in actual I am proud of them too because they managed to get the overall placing higher than than the initial standing.

Women :
Gold - UM (21 points)
Silver - UiTM (19.5 points)
Bronze - UKM (18 points)

Men :
Gold - UM (27 points)
Silver - UIA (22.5 points)
Bronze - UKM (21 points)

Looking at UM on how they managed to bag 2 golds - there must be some secret on how they trained their players. I wish I had the same opportunity to train them like UM, but unfortunately I am not an employee there.

In anyway, i enjoyed my time at masum 2010, though it is a short period of time. I always wanted to know what it feels like to play at masum, coz I dont have the opportunity when I was a student. I can still remember one of the official from my uni told me why i wasnt selected, it was because that i studied far from the main campus (how logic is that!?). At that time i dont really get upset or frustrated much coz i dont know what masum means.. but during this masum 2010 now i know that i wish i was a player once... The same feeling that you feel when you play for your state and for your country.

Congrats to the winners! and congrats too to the UMP players!

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