Monday, June 07, 2010

MSSM 2010

MSSM 2010 starts today until 11th June at Putra Palace, Kangar Perlis. I am still waiting if i can find/read any updates on that, I juz hope we have bloggers there reporting the event.

What i want to share with the readers is that, I just found out that the MSSPahang contingent left to Perlis yesterday at 1pm! imagine what time will they arrive at Perlis? During my years of staying at Perlis, it took me 12 hours to go there from Kuantan. Today, it may take less than that, but still it is a long and tired journey to the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia!

The game starts at 3pm today, and I do hope the players have enough rest before the game start. As a player myself first round is an important round, as the the first round score gives you the implication whether you are ready for the tournament or not.

Nonetheless, I wish all the best to the squad 2010!

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